Other sensors

The devices have protection type IP 20 and can only be used indoors. Devices with a different type of protection are labelled separately.
Analogue input module REG/ 4-gangMTN682192Analogue input module REG/ 4-gang310,13€
Analogue input REG-K 4-gangMTN682191Analogue input REG-K 4-gang558,00€
ARGUS 110 BasicMTN565119ARGUS 110 Basic143,26€
ARGUS 220 Basic MTN565219ARGUS 220 Basic 160,22€
ARGUS 300MTN564319ARGUS 300267,05€
Brightness sensor 0-10V, 24VDC 0-255LUXMTN663594Brightness sensor 0-10V, 24VDC 0-255LUX260,40€
Brightness sensor 0-10V, 24VDC 0-60000LUXMTN663593Brightness sensor 0-10V, 24VDC 0-60000LUX260,40€
INSTABUS ARGUS 220 Connect (aluminium)MTN632569INSTABUS ARGUS 220 Connect (aluminium)381,03€
INSTABUS ARGUS 220 Connect (polar white)MTN632519INSTABUS ARGUS 220 Connect (polar white)362,07€
KNX ARGUS 180, flush- mounted TPm (anthracite)MTN632614KNX ARGUS 180, flush- mounted TPm (anthracite)249,04€
KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (aluminium)MTN631860KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (aluminium)246,04€
KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (pollar white)MTN631819KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (pollar white)243,05€
KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (varnished stainless steel)MTN631846KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (varnished stainless  steel)252,05€
KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted TPm (aluminium)MTN632660KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted TPm (aluminium)253,20€
KNX ARGUS 180/2.20 m flush- mountedMTN631719KNX ARGUS 180/2.20 m flush- mounted240,27€