SKU: MTN564319

Electronic outdoor movement detector. 300° surface monitoring for mounting on house corners in order to secure the area of two house walls.
The range of the area of detection can be adjusted in sectors with three selectively adjustable 100° sectors. This makes it possible to compensate for a site that slopes upwards or downwards.
• 360° short-range zone (approx. 4 m radius).
• Large wiring compartment and plug system.
• Looping is possible.
• LED function display for fast alignment at the installation site.
• Operating elements for setting the brightness threshold, time and sensitivity (range).
• Flexibly adjustable sensor head.
• Possible to blank out individual lens areas.
For installation on house corners without requiring additional accessories. To prevent obstacles such as downpipes from blanking the area of detection when installed on corners, an extension can be installed.
Mains voltage: AC 230 V, ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Incandescent lamps: max. 3000 W
Halogen lamps: AC 230 V, max. 2500 W
Capacitive load: max. 140 µF
Max. switching current: 16 A, AC 230 V, cosφ = 0,6
Power consumption: <1 W
Angle of detection: 300°
Range: max. 16 m
Number of levels: 7
Number of zones: 123 with 492 switching segments
Light sensor: infinitely externally adjustable
Art. no. 564319 approx. 3-1000 lux
Art. no. 564315 approx. 5-1000 lux
Time: externally adjustable in 6 levels of approx. 1 sec. to approx. 8 min.
Neutral conductor: required
Possible to adjust the sensor head: Horizontal rotation to the left and right by 30°. Swivelling of the sensor head to the right or left by 45°.
EC guidelines: Low voltage guideline 2006/95/EC and EMC guideline 2004/108/EC
Type of protection: IP 55

Price: 267,05€