Binary inputs

The devices have protection type IP 20 and can only be used indoors. Devices with a different type of protection are labelled separately.
Binary input REG-K/4x10MTN644492Binary input REG-K/4x10323,55€
Binary input REG-K/4x230MTN644992Binary input REG-K/4x230323,55€
Binary input REG-K/4x24MTN644892Binary input REG-K/4x24323,55€
Binary input REG-K/8x10MTN644592Binary input REG-K/8x10489,47€
Binary input REG-K/8x230MTN644692Binary input REG-K/8x230482,71€
Binary input REG-K/8x24MTN644792Binary input REG-K/8x24482,71€