KNX ARGUS 180, flush-mounted (aluminium)

SKU: MTN631860

For System Design.
Movement detector for indoors.
When a movement is detected, a data telegram
defined by the programming is transmitted.
With integrated bus coupling unit.
KNX software functions:
Five movement blocks: up to four functions can be triggered per block.
Telegrams: 1 bit, 1 byte,2 bytes.
Normal operation, master, slave, safety pause, disable function. Sensitivity, brightness and staircase timer can be set using the ETS or the potentiometer. Self-adjusting staircase timer.
Angle of detection: 180°
Range: 8 m (for mounting height of 1.1 m)
Number of levels: 1
Number of zones: 14
Sensitivity: infinitely adjustable (ETS or potentiometer)
Light sensor: infinitely adjustable from approx. 10 to 2000 Lux (ETS or potentiometer)
Time: adjustable in steps from 1 s to 8 min (potentiometer) or adjustable from 1 s to 255 hours (ETS)
EC Directives: Low-voltage guideline 2006/95/EC and EMC guideline 2004/108/EC

Price: 246,04€