Blind actuators

The devices have protection type IP 20 and can only be used indoors. Devices with a different type of protection are labelled separately.
Blind actuator REG-K/2x/10 with manual modeMTN649802Blind actuator REG-K/2x/10 with manual mode324,01€
Blind actuator REG-K/4x/10 with manual modeMTN649804Blind actuator REG-K/4x/10 with manual mode467,51€
Blind actuator REG-K/4x/6MTN646704Blind actuator REG-K/4x/6432,01€
Blind actuator REG-K/4x24/6 with manual modeMTN648704Blind actuator REG-K/4x24/6 with manual mode468,69€
Blind actuator REG-K/8x/10 with manual modeMTN649808Blind actuator REG-K/8x/10 with manual mode871,76€
KNX blind actuator FM with 3 inputsMTN6003-0004KNX blind actuator FM with 3 inputs285,20€
KNX blind and heating actuator with 3 inputsMTN6003-0006KNX blind and heating actuator with 3 inputs359,60€