The devices have protection type IP 20 and can only be used indoors. Devices with a different type of protection are labelled separately.
Handset for TeleConnectMTN660790Handset for TeleConnect80,60€
Handset for TeleControllerMTN680790Handset for TeleController1.058,29€
KNX InSideControl IP-GatewayMTN6500-0113KNX InSideControl IP-Gateway930,00€
Power supply REG, 24 V DC / 0.4 AMTN693003Power supply REG, 24 V DC / 0.4 A185,15€
USB interface REG-KMTN681829USB interface REG-K317,81€
USB interface, flush-mountedMTN681799USB interface, flush-mounted297,42€