INSTABUS ARGUS 220 Connect (polar white)

SKU: MTN632519

KNX movement detector for outdoors.
Potentiometers for setting functions are located
underneath the cover plate. With integrated bus
coupler. A programming magnet is necessary to
program the physical address.

KNX software functions:
The function of a staircase timer can be configured
with an OFF delay of one second to 152 hours. It can also be switched or blocked by the bus. The switch threshold of the light-sensitive switch can be configured with a potentiometer.

The status of the light-sensitive switch can be
issued as a telegram on the bus. Cyclical transmission
of the detected movement can be programmed.
Up to 4 functions can be activated simultaneously when a movement is detected.

Angle of detection: 220°
Range: max. 16 m
Number of levels: 7
Number of zones: 112 with 448 switching segments
Light sensor: infinitely adjustable from 3-1000 lux
Time: can be set externally from 1 sec. to approx.
8 min. in 6 levels or via ETS from approx. 3 sec. to
approx. 152 hours.
Sensitivity: infinitely adjustable Possible to set the sensor head
Wall mounting: 9° up, 24° down, 12° left/right, ± 12° axial
Ceiling mounting: 4° up, 29° down, 25° left/ right, ± 8.5° axial
EC guidelines: Low voltage guideline 73/23/EEC and EMC guideline 89/336/EEC
Type of protection: IP 55

Accessories: Mounting bracket, art. no. 565291/92/93. Programming magnet for valve drive EMO, art. no. 639190.

Technical Information: ARGUS 220 Connect/Timer (???? p. 491)

Contents: With cover plate and segments to limit the area of detection, screws and plugs.

Price: 362,07€