KNX blind actuator FM with 3 inputs

SKU: MTN6003-0004

Blind actuator function:

Operation mode: Blinds, roller shutters, awnings or ventilation flaps. Raising or lowering times with extension for the upper limit position. Status feedback of the position or of the slat position. Active/passive status feedback, cycl. status feedback function. Up to 5 safety functions (3 wind alarms, 1 rain alarm, 1 frost alarm). Cycl. monitoring. Sun protection function with fixed and variable positions. Shading controls with heating/cooling automatic mode and presence function. Behaviour when bus voltage fails/recovers. Status feedback delay after bus voltage recovery. Priority function. 8 Scene function. Memory function for scenes.

Input function:

Free assignment of the switching, dimming, blind and valuator functions. Locking object. Behaviour when bus voltage recovers.

Switching: two switch objects per input. Command on rising/falling edge (ON, OFF, TOGGLE, no reaction).

Dimming: Single surface and dual-surface operation. Time between dimming and switching and dim step values. Telegram repetition and send stop telegram.

Blinds: Command on rising edge (none, UP, DOWN, TOGGLE ), Operation concept (Step - Move - Step or Move - Step). Time between short and long operation. Slat adjustment time.

Valuator and Scene ext. input: Edge (push-button as make contact, push-button as break contact, switch) and value on edge. Value adjustment via long push-button action for valuator. Scene ext. unit with memory function.

Price: 285,20€