Binary input REG-K/4x230

SKU: MTN644992

For connecting four conventional devices with
AC 230 V outputs to the KNX.
With integrated bus coupler and plug-in screw terminals.
For installation on DIN rails EN 50022.
The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal;
a data rail is not necessary.
The input voltage level is displayed at each input
with a yellow LED. A green LED indicates that the
device is ready for operation once the application
has been loaded.

KNX software functions:
Switching, dimming or blind control via 1 or 2
inputs. Positioning values for blind control (8-bit).
Pulse edges with 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-bit telegrams. Differentiation between short/long operation. Initialisation telegram. Cyclical sending. Pulse edges
with 2-byte telegrams. 8-bit linear regulator. Disable
function. Break/make contact. Debounce time.

Input voltage: AC 230 V, 50-60Hz
Inputs: 4
Input current: AC 12 mA
0 signal: ≤ 40 V
1 signal: ≥ 160 V
Cable length: max. 100 m
Device width: 2.5 modules = approx. 45 mm

Contents: With bus connecting terminal and cable cover.

Availability: Available June 2007.

Price: 323,55€