EMO valve drive

SKU: MTN639119

Electromotive proportional valve drive with integrated
bus coupler and microprocessor control
with automatic valve lift detection.
The valve drive can be connected directly to the
KNX. A separate power supply is not required.
KNX software functions:
Setpoint position (control value). Actual position.
Status signal. Forced position. Cyclical monitoring.
Power consumption: max. 12 mA at 20 V
(= 240mW)
Lift: max. 4.5 mm
Running time: 25 s/mm
Type of protection: IP 43 in line with EN 60529
(for vertical installation)
Protection class: III in line with EN 60730
Connection cable: 1 m fixed; J-Y (St) Y 1 x 2 x 0.6
Connection to bus line: via bus connecting terminal
Installation: Fits all Heimeier thermostat valve
˜ Accessories: Programming magnet for valve drive EMO, art. no.

Price: 281,60€