Air Quality Sensor, SM

SKU: LGS/A 1.1

Room air quality is an important planning parameter for energy-efficient buildings. The European building directive (EPBD – Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) requires that when verifying energy performance, in addition to the systems for compensating outdoor ambient conditions (i.e. heating, cooling), the indoor climatic conditions must also be monitored.
The requirements for reduction of energy consumption often lead to poor ventilation in today’s highly insulated buildings. The quality of the room air often does not meet the desired and stipulated levels.
A suitable indicator for determination of the room air quality is the CO2 concentration. A high CO2 concentration in the air influences the well-being as well as the performance and learning ability of people.

The new ABB i-bus KNX Air Quality Sensor LGS/A 1.1 is a combined sensor for CO2 concentration, air temperature and humidity (relative humidity) measurement.
Using these measured values, efficient and precise room climate control can be implemented. Monitoring of thresholds enables fans to be switched via KNX allowing automatic regulation of the CO2 concentration. In addition to the CO2 concentration, the values for room temperature and humidity must be controlled to meet the requirements for a comfortable room climate.

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