Power supply REG-K/640 mA

SKU: MTN683890

For generating the bus voltage for a line with up to
64 bus devices. With integrated choke to decouple
the power supply from the bus and a switch to disconnect
the power and reset the bus devices connected
to the line. The emergency power supply
REG can be connected in order to buffer the bus
For mounting on DIN rails EN 50022. The bus is
connected using a bus connecting terminal; a data
rail is not necessary.

Mains voltage: AC 110 - 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage: DC 30 V ±2 V
Output current: max. 640 mA, short-circuit-proof
Device width: 4 TE = approx. 72 mm

- Accessories: REG emergency power supply, art. no. 683901.
- Contents: With bus connecting terminal and cable cover.

Price: 498,69€