Switch actuator REG-K, 2 channels, 16 A with manual mode and current detection

SKU: MTN647395

For independent switching of up to 12 loads via make contacts. The actuator has integrated cur-rent detection that measures the load current on each channel. All 230 V switch outputs can be operated with manual switches. With integrated bus coupler.
KNX software functions:
Operation as break contact or make contact.
Staircase lighting function with/without manual
OFF function and switch-off warning. Delay functions. Scenes. Logic function. Blocking or priority control. Feedback function. Status. Central function with delay. Parameterisation for bus voltage failure and recovery. Behaviour for download.
Current detection function: Behaviour when value exceeds/falls short of the threshold value.
Energy, operating and switch on counter with limit value monitoring.
Flash function.
Nominal voltage: 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Per switching contact:
Nominal current: 16 A, cosφ = 0.6
Incandescent lamps: 230 V AC, max. 3600 W
Halogen lamps: 230 V AC, max. 2500 W
Fluorescent lamps: 230 V AC, max. 2500 VA,with parallel compensation
Capacitive load: 230 V AC, 16 A, max. 200 µF
Motor load: 230 V AC, max. 1000 W
Current detection load current:
Detection range: 0.1 A to 16 A (sine effective value or DC)
Sensing accuracy: +/- 8% of the current value at hand (sine) and +/- 100 mA
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Display: 100 mA

Price: 394,42€