KNX Fan Coil Aktor REG-K

SKU: MTN645094

For heating, ventilation and air conditioning control. For controlling fan convectors with up to
three speeds, as well as for controlling three-step motor drives (continuous/pulse-width-modulated)
or two-step thermal drives. The actuator supports 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems.
Two floating binary inputs for window contact and level contact for condensed water container,
for example. Connection of 1-speed to 3-speed fans. The multi-function push-button with room
temperature control can be used to activate the fan coil actuator.
With integrated bus coupler. For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The
bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal; a data rail is not necessary.
KNX software functions: Fan control:
In automatic mode, the fan speeds are controlled dependently by the control value of the
multi-function push-button. The three fan speeds and automatic mode can be switched via EIB telegram. The fan can be controlled either directly or via actuators / suitable dimming actuators. Fan speed feedback is possible via corresponding status feedback objects e.g. status LED of the push-button. The fan speed as well as the automatic status “(Auto)” can be displayed on the display of the multi-function push-button with TCU.
Valve control:
Type of controller: PI controller (PWM and continuous).
Controller mode: Heating and/or cooling with common or separate valve outputs.
Operating modes: The operating mode is selected in the multi-function push-button with TCU
Power supply: AC 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 3 VA
Outputs: 3 floating contacts (fan coil), 2 semi-conductor switches (valve connections)
Switching capacity for valves: 0.5 A, AC 24V - 230 V
Additional relay switching capacity: 16 A
Fan relay switching capacity: 8 A
Inputs: 2, max. cable length 5 m
Operation: Key for fan levels and heating/cooling mode
Displays: 9 status LEDs
Device width: 4 modules = approx. 72 mm
Accessories: Thermoelectric valve drive 230 V MTN639125, Thermoelectric valve drive 24V MTN639126

Price: 460,29€