KNX Room temperature con- trol unit, flush-mounted/PI with 4-gang push-button inter- face (polar white)

SKU: MTN616919

For System Design.
The device is a room temperature control unit and a binary input. Depending on the operating mode, the current temperature setpoint value and the room temperature, a control value for the heating or cooling control unit is transmitted to the KNX. The temperature can either be recorded by the internal or the external temperature sensor which must be connected to the push-button interface.
The push-button interface generates an internal signal voltage for connecting max.
four conventional push-buttons or floating contacts. Of these, two inputs can be used to connect low current LEDs.
With integrated bus coupler. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.
Accessories: Remote sensor for KNX room temperature control unit, UP/PI art. no. MTN616790.

Price: 335,98€